VMS Lux Transport offers exclusive service for high end cars. Our experienced drivers provide the best care for your car. We offer enclosed transport for high end dealerships, car shows, motor sport events, collectors and door to door service. Our cargo is fully insured and our equipment is brand new and always clean. We give white glove service for every car that enters our enclosed trailers. We can also wrap your car in special bubble wrap for more protection. We have worked with the biggest car retailers and exclusive car brands from all over the world.

Why VMS lux ?

Enclosed car transport is perfect for high end, classic and rare cars.
It means your vehicle arrives in pristine condition, as it was picked up.
Enclosed transport is ideal for dealer
Our brand new equipment ensures your brand new car is fresh upon arrival.
Enclosed transport is ideal for dealer to customer deliveries as it protects the vehicle.
white glove service for all vehicles
We offer white glove service for all vehicles, ensuring highest customer satisfaction.
Our job is to make customers happy and we’re dedicated to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.
We offer additional protective measures for customers with higher demands
Our team can wrap your car in a protective bubble wrap/TRANSPORTWRAP